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60th Anniversary
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20.05.2017Inter-school Basketball Competition
15.05.2016The 8th Joint-School Alumni Invitational Basketball Competition
17.06.2015Basketball Team Prize Presentation
11.06.2015Alumni Basketball Competition
23.04.2015Friendly Match with Hero Basketball Team
27.03.2015 Briefing Session of the Basketball Training Camp at Taipei
20.11.2014Friendly Match against Heung To Middle School and CCC Ming Yin College
19.11.2014Interhouse BasketBall Competitions 2014-15
06.06.2014Inter-School Basketball Competition 2013-2014
27.01.2014ECA Sports Collaboration (basketball)
03.02.2012Inter-House Basketball (Girl) Competition 2011
26.05.2011Visit to Hua Fu Middle School, Shenzhen
18.05.2011Sham Shui Po District Basketball Competition Girls below 16
24.03.2010 MFS Basketball Scheme (F.3)
23.03.2010 Basketball Training Course (F.1 & F.2)
18.03.2010Visit to Hua Fu Middle School (Shenzhen)
08.01.2010 MFS Basketball Scheme (F.3)
20.11.2009 MFS Basketball Scheme (F.3)
07.11.2008Alumni Basketball Competition 2008
05.11.2008 MFS Basketball Scheme_F.2 (Rearrangement of the Adventure Based Activity)
23.10.2008 MFS Basketball Scheme_F.2
09.10.2008 MFS Basketball Scheme (F.2)
10.04.2008 Basketball Training Course (Advanced Level) (F.1 & F.2)
01.04.2008Sister School Program
23.01.2008Joint School Basketball Competition with Maryknoll Board Schools
03.06.20071st Alumni Basketball Cup
14.03.2007Fr. Trube Basketball Memorial Cup in Maryknoll College
24.02.2003Inter-School Basketball Competition Girls B Grade First Runner-Up
27.04.20022nd Runner-up in Inter-School Basketball Competition 2001/2002 學界籃球賽季軍

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