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Ms. Leung Kai Sin (梁啟善) [Head]
Mr. So Cheong Wa (蘇昌華) [Assistant Head]
Ms. Cheung Ka Man (張嘉汶)
Ms. Chung See Wai (鍾思維)
Ms. Lau See Wei (劉思慧)
Ms. Ng Miu Lai (吳妙麗)
Ms. Tsui Yuen Yi (徐婉怡)
Ms. Yu Ching Yee (余靜宜)
Ms. Yu Pui Sai (余佩茜)
Ms. Yuen Siu Kuen (阮小娟)
Mr. Yung Kin Kei (容健基)

Native English Teacher:
Ms. Gentry, Allison Nicole


25.11.2019Halloween English Fun Activities
12.07.2019MFS Creative Writing Competition 2018-2019
03.12.2018Hong Kong Secondary Schools Debating Competition 2018
08.11.2018Form One Charades
05.11.2018Form Two Lunchtime English Activities
05.11.2018Haunted House
19.10.2018Debate Competition
18.10.2018English Movie Show
29.06.2018MFS Creative Writing Competition
24.11.2017F.5 Inter-class Mini-Debates
09.11.2017Halloween Activities
09.11.2017English Zone Activities
19.10.2017English Zone Activities and English Ambassadors
11.10.2017English Society - Lantern Making Activity
28.09.2017English Newspaper Subscription
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TED Talks spreads inspiring ideas - from science to business to global issues - in the form of short, powerful talks. Students and teachers may seek deeper understanding of the world online. consisting of English games, quizzes, forums, chat and lesson plans, is an ESL (English as a Second Language) web site designed for you whether you are a student or a teacher of English.

The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary is the online version of Merriam-Webster's Collegiate® Dictionary, Eleventh Edition. It includes the main A-Z listing, as well as the Abbreviations, Foreign Words, etc. is the online English news outlet for the NBC News family, including networks shows such as Today and Dateline NBC. It also hosts articles and features from several partners, including The Washington Post andNewsweek magazine.

From, the online South China Morning Post newspaper, you can find the top stories and headline news from Hong Kong, Greater China, Asia and the world.

The Standard is another English newspaper of Hong Kong. Its web site contains the online version of The Standard as well as The Student Standard.

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