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60th Anniversary
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Pastoral Care

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  1. Strengthen students' religious spirit through charity, social services and solidarity among members of the school.
  2. Activate students' self-awareness and concern towards school, family and community.

Theme of the Month (2017-2017)




September 2016


  • Expand social groups by seeking common ground with others.
  • Renew commitment to intellectual and spiritual goals for the new school year.

October 2016


  • Strengthen MFS values of truth and loyalty in daily life.
  • Recognize and grow in God's limitless love and mercy for us.

November 2016


  • Learn from both good and bad experiences.
  • Trust in God's plan for us.

December 2016


  • Give and receive with a happy and generous heart.
  • Seek joy in Christ's birth.

January 2017


  • Improve ourselves with a healthier and more disciplined lifestyle.
  • Nurture habits and qualities that draw us closer to God.

February 2017


  • When serving others, give of ourselves rather than out of our abundance.
  • Journey with Christ through prayer and reflection as he prepares to give his life as the ultimate sacrifice.

March 2017


  • Be more understanding and forgiving of others, especially those in need.
  • Extend Christ's love for others through acts of service.

April 2017


  • Orient ourselves towards Catholic social teaching.
  • Find God in those whom society neglects and marginalizes.

May 2017


  • Seek to continually improve in our academic, social, and spiritual lives.
  • Depend on God to motivate us to remain on the right path.

June 2017


  • Evaluate talents and shortcomings with honesty.
  • Show gratitude to God for the many gifts and blessings he has bestowed on us.