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Postponement of Form 1 Information Day 2019-11-21


因目前社會情況並不完全明朗,瑪利諾神父教會學校原定於二零一九年十一月二十三日舉行的「中一資訊日」將延期至十二月十四日 (星期六) 舉行,時間為下午二時至三時三十分。籲請 閣下當日出門前留意交通狀況,一切考慮要以安全為先。

為顧及各參加者 (包括學生大使) 的安全,「中一資訊日」將取消小學生體驗及校園導賞兩個環節,只保留家長及學生講座,敬請見諒。

歡迎於二零一九年十二月一日後在學校網頁 下載《學校概覽》及入學申請表,及閱覽更多的學校資訊。

感謝 閣下對瑪利諾神父教會學校的支持。主佑。

Postponement of Form 1 Information Day

In view of the unsettled social conditions, Maryknoll Fathers’ School Form 1 Information Day scheduled for 23rd November 2019 will be postponed to 14th December 2019 (Saturday), from 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. We would also like to urge your close attention to traffic conditions before attending the event that day.
To safeguard safety for all participants, including Student Ambassadors, we regret that activities for primary students and school tours will be canceled; only the talk for parents and students will be conducted.
Please visit our website after 1st December 2019 for downloading the school profile and application form, and more information on the school.
Thank you for your continued support to Maryknoll Fathers’ School. God bless.

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