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Opening Prayer plus reflections 2019-05-25

Opening Prayer plus reflections at Secondary Graduation,
Friday, May 24, 2019, by M Sloboda

Lord God, on this happy day, we thank you for the Class of 2012. We thank you for giving these secondary graduates health, intelligence and perseverance throughout six demanding years of study. We thank you for the administration and teachers of MFS who have given long hours of their time to teach them and guide them, also for the office and custodial staff who keep the school running, and for the alumni who continue to remain interested and involved with their alma mater. Last but not least, we thank you for the parents who made great sacrifices to provide for the education of their children. These young adults are the future of Hong Kong.

Lord, as they move forward in life, please give them hope and confidence. Let them realize that loyalty and truth are precious throughout every stage of life. Give them wisdom to make good choices in the years ahead, gratitude for what they have, and acceptance of any limitations which may come their way. We ask all these blessings through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Every year at the end of the graduation ceremony, I feel close to God. All the talent, love and hard work on display in the hall give me hope for the future of the graduates, and for the wider society and world.

After the ceremony, I have time to pose with some of the students and their parents. I say to the graduates, “Save that photo for your grandchildren. You are not thinking about grandchildren yet, are you?” They reply, “No.” Yet the years and decades will pass quickly.

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