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#Science Research


Recruitment for Science Research Class 2019-2020 2019-04-02

MFS is now recruiting students for Science Research Class 2019-2020. Science Research Class is for students who have a keen interest in science and would like to pursue excellence and progress in areas of original research. Students must be highly motivated and able to work independently. This program requires that each student constructs a research project of his/her own design and present his/her work at various competitions and symposiums.

The class will take place at the same time slot as ATEC (藝術與科技教育中心). If students are accepted to take Science Research Class, they will not be able to attend the class offered by ATEC.

Students who are interested to take Science Research in the coming school year, please do print or ask our Science Research teachers (Ms To Yuen Man, Mr Leung Ka Ming & Mr Ma Shiu Wai) for application form. Complete the application form and return it to Science Research teachers on or before 31 May. You may submit more than one research proposal. For any enquiry, please contact Science Research teachers.

#Science Research

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