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Reception for the Awardees of the 45 th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva

Visit by the President of Tung Wah College

English Song Appreciation

MFS Creative Writing Competition 2017-03-30


Form 1
1. 1C-20 Ng Oi Ching Sammi
2. 1D-31 Yung Wing Hei Amethyst
3. 1A-14 Lee Ho Lam Franco

Form 2
1. 2D-5 Cheng Claudia
2. 2A-10 Ho Gwyneth
3. 2D-32 Yip Chun Yee, Belle

Form 3
1. 3A-12 Kwok Ying Tung Artini
2. 3C-26 Tam Kwan Yi Sonia
3. 3A-28 Wong Ching Yi Rachel

Form 4
1. 4B-20 Lui Ka Tin Mitch
2. 4A-5 Chung Sze Lok Thomas
3. 4D-17 Luk Ka Man Carmen

Form 5
1. 5A-14 Lam Yee Ching Sally
2. 5D-21 Ng Chun Ho Jimmy
3. 5C-23 Ng Ming Cheong Jack

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