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#Chinese Language


Gallery Spark Chinese Writing Exhibition 2017-02-23

Ten outstanding Chinese writings of our Form One to Form Six students were selected to exhibit on the online sharing platform, namely Gallery Spark from September 2016 to January 2017. Three of them won the Best Ten Award (十優文章).

Tam Wing Shan (譚詠珊) of F.1A
Leung Cheuk Yiu (梁綽瑤) of F.2A
Tse Shu Hei (謝書羲) of F.2A
Lam Ho Yin (林浩然) of F.2B
Luk Ka Man (陸珈泯) of F.4D
Tang Chun Wa (鄧雋樺) of F.6A
Tsang Wing Chi (曾永芝) of F.6A

Best Ten Awards:
Leung Kwan Hang (梁鈞荇) of F.2A
Wong Sum Tung (王心彤) of F.5A
Lau Ching Nam (劉政男) of F.6A

Article of Leung Kwan Hang (梁鈞荇)
Article of Wong Sum Tung (王心彤)
Article of Lau Ching Nam (劉政男)

#Chinese Language

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