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English Song Appreciation 2016-11-07

If you happen to see students singing at the top of their lungs or dancing like a maniac in the English Zone, don’t be surprised.

The English Zone hosted its first English Song Appreciation event in October, involving all classes in Form 1. This lunchtime activity marked the commencement of a series of English-related events held on Tuesdays, dubbed “Tuesdays with English.”

Led by the English Ambassadors and accompanied with music from the Harmonica Group, participants sang and danced along to familiar pop classics. Some were even invited on stage to lead the rest! What’s more, the Ambassadors discussed the meaning of the lyrics and the messages conveyed by the song with the audience. Participants also sharpened their listening skills and expanded their vocabulary by filling in missing lyrics on handouts distributed to them. Active participation would earn them stamps, with which they can redeem prizes. This event was well-received by the participants. Students from other forms also flocked in to join the fun.

This event is featured in Young Post, South China Morning Post on 7th November, 2016.

The harmonica player, Keith Wong (left), and the English Ambassadors, Brian Lui, Carli Ling and Yuki Lui (from second left to right), have a great time with their audience

Form 2 student, Keith Wong (back), is playing the harmonica while the audience is trying hard to filling in missing lyrics

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#English Language

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