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#Chinese Language


Gallery Spark Chinese Writing Exhibition 2016-06-16

Thirty-nine outstanding Chinese writings of our Form One to Form Six students were selected to exhibit on the online sharing platform, namely Gallery Spark from September 2015 to June 2016. Five of them won the Best Ten Award (十優文章).

Lee Yuen Yan Grace (李宛恩) of F.1A
Tse Shu Hei (謝書羲) of F.1A
Shek Sum Pui (石森培) of F.5D
Chan Kam Ping (陳錦萍) of F.6A
To Fai Yi Phyllis (杜暉怡) of F.6A

Article of Lee Yuen Yan Grace (李宛恩)
Article of Tse Shu Hei (謝書羲)
Article of Shek Sum Pui (石森培)
Article of Chan Kam Ping (陳錦萍)
Article of To Fai Yi Phyllis (杜暉怡)

#Chinese Language

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