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A Day as a Paleontologist 2016-01-24

F3 students work on a project called “A Day as a Paleontologist” on 18 Jan 2016. It is a project facilitates students to practice the skills of gathering data and applying their multi-discipline knowledge covering Mathematics, Biology, Geography and Information Technology to find the weight of dinosaurs.

A sand box with simulated dinosaur bones to imitate a paleontology pit has been developed by the student leaders. Working as the paleontologists, students have to employ prior knowledge learnt in the different disciplines to complete the tasks assigned. Their jobs include digging into the sand pit, compiling a sketch map to show the distribution of fossils, using mobile apps to measure the length of fossils in the pit, employing mathematical formula to find the circumference of the bone, plotting a chart to find out the weight of a biped dinosaur. Students are expected to deliberate on the findings and to make self-exploration into the world of fossils such as the formation processes, fossil forming factors and the dinosaur information.

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