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#Religious Studies & Ethics #May Crowning #Fr. Geitner


2015 May Crowning 2015-06-17

May is the month in which the Church honors Mary. People are encouraged to pray the Rosary and to meditate on her love for and devotion to her son, Jesus. The May crowning is another way to honor her. This short ceremony includes Marian prayers, hymns, and Bible readings. Students have a special chance to show their respect by placing a crown of flowers on her statue and then presenting her with roses.
This year, F.1 and F.2 students participated in MFS Secondary’s first May crowning. The event took place on May 11th and 12th. Both Fr. Mike and Fr. Geitner were present to lead prayers and reflections. Since Mother’s Day was also celebrated that weekend, the priests and teachers asked students to think about their own mothers and to consider how Mary was the model mother.

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#Religious Studies & Ethics #May Crowning #Fr. Geitner

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