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#Physical Education #School Basketball Team


Friendly Match with Hero Basketball Team 2015-04-23

A friendly match between our School Basketball Team and Hero Basketball Team was successfully held on Wednesday, 22 April 2015. Both teams and spectators enjoyed the match and Hero Basketball Team won it by 72:56.
The team list of our School Basketball Team was as follows:
Boy’s Team
Poon Chun Ming (F.5C), Ho Long Fung Issac (F.5D), Lai Tsz Chun (F.5D), (F.3A), Li Pak Lok (F.4A), Li Chun Tao (F.4B), Li Sai Ho (F.4D), Wong Ka Chun (F.4D), Fung King Lun (F.3A), Yan Tsz Kin Kim (F.3C), Choi Yu Hin (F.3D), Leung Cho Fung (F.3D), Ng Wing To (F.3D), Ma Shui Hei (F.2A), Or Wing Ching (F.2A), Hui Sze Chai Angus (F.2B), Law Hoi Shing (F.2B), Leung Chun Hei (F.2C), Tsang Hinson (F.2C), Chan Long Yin (F.2D), Lee Lok Hin (F.2D0, Lui Chung Kuen (F.2D), To Hei (F.1B), Ng Pak Lam (F.1C), Chan Tsz Lok (F.1D), Choi Ching Yin (F.1D), Kwan Long Nam (F.1D), Lee Hiu Ming (F.1D)
Girl’s Team
Fung Man Lee (F.5B), Tam Hoi Wa (F.5B), Yeung Ka Ka (F.5B), Choi Ka Yu (F.5D), Lam Sze Wai (F.4B), Leung Ka Man (F.4B), Sin Lok Yi Samantha (F.4B), Leong Tsz Ching (F.4C), Wong Ching Yan (F.3B), Tang Cho Ki (F.3C), Wong Yuen Ling (F.3C), Kan Man Yi (F.3D), Ng Cheuk Yin (F.3D), Ng Ka Yi Candy (F.3D), Wan Lok Yan (F.3D), Xue Cho Yin Kitty (F.2B), Tam Suet Yi (F.2A), Hung Lok Yan (F.2D), Cheung Yan Ting (F.1B), Au Chi Yan Hannah Theressa (F.1C), Cheung Tsz Yu (F.1C), Tam Sheung Yi (F.1C)
We would like to thank the organization of Yes! Magazine and the participation of Hero Basketball Team.

#Physical Education #School Basketball Team

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