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#Chemistry #Biology #Geography #I.T. Team #CASTIC


Presentation Ceremony of China Adolescents Science Technology Invention Contest 2013-09-07

The presentation ceremony of China Adolescents Science Technology Invention Contest(CASTIC) was held 7 Sept 2013.

A. 天然創可貼 (Natural Band-Aid) - Kan Wing Yi (3B)
First Class Award of Medicine and Health Sciences Category
Special Award (專項獎) - The Special Award of Guangdong Science Center (廣東科學中心專項獎)(1000 RMB)

B. 推廣香港地質(Rockaholice)- Ho Ho Yin (5D), Lui Wing Yin(5A) & Ip Ching Yi(5C) of Geography Society
Second Class Award

C. 飛魚探索大行動 (Air Swimmer) - Chu Cheuk Yan(5D), Wong Tak Wai(4D) & Yuen Shuk Ching(3B) of I.T. Team
Third Class Award

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#Chemistry #Biology #Geography #I.T. Team #CASTIC

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