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#School Basketball Team


Fr. Trube Basketball Memorial Cup in Maryknoll College 2007-03-14

The Fr. Trube Basketball Memorial Cup organized by Maryknoll College was successfully held on 10th February, 2007. The following basketball team members received bronze awards in this competition.

3A Chiu Kwan Yim
4A Lo Hoi Lun
4A Wong Chi Yung
4B Lam Wing Cheung
4C Chau Ho Chi
4C Ho Ka Ho
4C Ku Chek Nok
4C Li Hoi Kit
4C Shum Hok Ming
4C Yu Sze Chun
4D Chow Shing Wai
4D Lau Cheong
5B Ng Chak Hei

#School Basketball Team

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