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Hong Kong Youth Technology Design Competition 2006-07-30

Two teams of our school have entered to the final round of "Hong Kong Youth Technology Design - Creatiive Product Design for Elders" (全港青少年科技設計比賽 - 長者優化生活用品設計比賽)

Team A: 擦背易 - Finalist (11 out of 43 teams)

Lam Chi Man (4B)
So Yiu Tim (4A)

Team B : Sound Walker - 2nd Runner ups
They recevied a trophy and $1000 cash.

Representatives are:
Yeung Wan Lung (1B)
Lau Tak Kin (1D)
Lau Tak Shing (1D)
Wong Cheuk Hang (2C)

Other news about Sound Walker:
Sound Walker
1st-Runner up at Hong Kong Students Scinece Competition
Prizes at Shanghai International Youth Science and Technology Expo
Champion at IT in Communications Contest 2005
Honourable Mention in My Favourite Inventions for Quality Living Competition 2005
Hong Kong Adolescents Science Technology Contest - The Third Award

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