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Honourable Mention in My Favourite Inventions for Quality Living Competition 2005 2005-09-29

Sound Walker have participated in the My Favourite Inventions for Quality Living Competition 2005 (「 我 最 喜 愛 的 創 意 生 活 發 明 」 ). They won the Honourable Mention in Junior category.

The "My Favourite Inventions for Quality Living 2005" Competition co-presented by the Innovation and Technology Commission of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government ("The Organiser") and Towngas TGC has gained enthusiastic responses from the community. The Organiser has received nearly 70 outstanding innovative inventions from local entrants, among which 20 final entries were selected in mid-August after initial judging. During the short period of four weeks from 23 August to 17 September, about 4700 members of the public voted for their most favourite inventions for quality living from the 20 final entries.

The Competition aims to recognize outstanding inventions and encourage the general public to create more inventions that can benefit the community.

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