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Creative Sport and Game Website Design Competition 2005-08-28

In the last summer holiday, the secondary section held a website design course. This course was run by 32 senior form students to teach primary and junior form students web page design skills. Each group designed and created a website as the product in the course and joined the "Creative Website Design Competition in Sports and Games" held by EMB. At the end, they received seven prizes, including the grand prize “School Participation Award”.

Primary Section:
Champion: 周志佳(Pre-S1)、周志姍(P5)、黃惠湘(P5)

S1 - S3 Section:
Champion: 岑學明、何俊彥、張志恆、何雋彥(S2)
1st Runner-Up: 羅子賢、陳致希、陳宇鵬、林子聰(S1)
2nd Runner-Up: 許懷恩、袁嘉汶、馮爾鏘(S1)

S4 - S7 Section:
Champion: 黃斯淳、毛詠嫻、林岐恩、余雪萍(S4)
2nd Runner-Up: 施佩怡、傅珮茹、曾至渝(S4)

School Participation Award:
Maryknoll Fathers' School

Creative Sport and Game Website Design Competition

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