Maryknoll Father's School
60th Anniversary
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Face to Face: Nobel Laureate Professor Roger Kornberg
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Advisers of Houses

Truth House

Honesty House
Loyalty House
Faith House
Ms. Tso Suet Lin
Mr. Ma Shiu Wai
Mr. Koehoorn, George
Mr. Wong Po Nam
Mr. Lau Gar Cheung
Mr. Leung Ka Ming
Ms. Hung Yuk Yee
Ms. Yuen Siu Kuen
Ms. Li Shun Wah
Ms. Li Lai Ming
Ms. Ling Tang Fong
Ms. Yu Ching Yee
Mr. Chan Pui Hung
Ms. Chan Pik Kwan

Mr. Chan Kwok Hung
Ms. Lau See Wei

Ms. Cheung Ka Man
Mr. Chow Kai Yin
Mr. Kwok Yu Fai
Mr. Lee Kwok Wing
Ms. Lau Nga Sze
Ms. Yu Pui Sai
Ms. Lai Mei Ling
Mr. Kwan Shu Kei
Mr. So Cheong Wa
Mr. Leung Wai Sing
Mr. Chan Ho Kong
Ms. Lam Wai Yi
Ms. Chung See Wai
Mr. Chiu Tsz Kuen
Mr. Chan Siu Pong
Ms. Law Chui Lam
Mr. Poon Wing Lim
Mr. Leung Ka Yin
Ms. Chow Suk Ling
Ms. Lam Wing Yin
Ms. Chow Siu Ming
Ms. Chu Yuk Wan
Mr. Ng Wing Kin
Kwan Kwok Hon

Ms. To Yuen Man
Ms. Lam Lai Yin

Mr. Mak Kwong Cheong
Mr. Yung Kin Kei
Mr. Chan Wing Ngoi
Mr. Sze Ka Wai
Ms. Yip Lai Nga
Ms. Tung Yee Man
Mr. Chan Kwan Kit
Ms. Chan Sik Nga
Ms. Tsui Yuen Yi
Ms. Ng Miu Lai
Mr. Tung Kwok Leung

Champions of the Year

Supervisor Cup
(Inter-house Overall Champion
in Cultural & Recreational Activities)
Father Reilly Cup
(Inter-house Overall Champion
in Sports)
Faith House
Truth House
Truth House
Honesty House
Faith House
Truth House