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With the belief that all students have individual talents that can be nurtured and enriched through appropriate stimulation and training, we provide school-based enrichment programs in the areas of Languages (English, German, Japanese, Spanish, French, and Putonghua), Mathematics, and Information Technology for our academically gifted students.

Every year, we recommend our gifted students to take part in the Hong Kong Academy of Gifted Education (HKAGE)’s Enhancement Programmes for the Exceptionally Gifted in the following areas: Leadership, Mathematics, Humanities, and Sciences. In addition, through active participation in many territory-wide and national competitions like APEC Youth Science Festival, Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, Korea Science Festival, China Adolescents Science Technology Contest , Hong Kong Student Science Project Competition, Hong Kong Adolescents Science Technology Contest, Mathematic Projects Competition for Secondary School, and The Odyssey of the Mind Programme, many of our students have excelled themselves in these activities and won many awards.

Academically, we encourage and provide resources for students with outstanding school results to sit for additional subjects in public examinations. Some remarkable examples are: Chai Sze Kit (9A1B, HKCEE 2006), Wong Chi Ho (7A 2B, HKCEE 2006), Sham Katie Kay Man (9A, HKCEE 2007), Lam Chi Ho (7A3B, HKCEE 2009), and Tang Long Tin (9A1B, HKCEE 2010). Students can also be advanced to a higher-level class covering material more suited to their abilities and preparedness. This may take the form of skipping forms.