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Visiting the elderly in Sham Shui Po

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Campus News 2016 - 2017

22.04.2017Inter-school Badminton Competition
22.04.2017Samsung 2016 Hong Kong Junior Sports Stars Award
07.04.2017Interview with Professor Yvonne Sadovy in the University of Hong Kong
31.03.2017Shenzhen Sister School Study Tour
30.03.2017親子王: 初中設科研科 系統式奠根基
30.03.2017MFS Creative Writing Competition
26.03.2017 Science Promotion: Ka Ling School Of The Precious Blood
24.03.2017The lunch box supplier has stopped using all meat and poultry from Brazil
22.03.2017Form 6 Thanksgiving Mass
18.03.2017Inter-house Drama Competition
18.03.2017Kazakhstan Teacher Delegation Visit
15.03.2017Science Alive Workshop - The ocean's hidden creatures: the amazing world of plankton
14.03.2017Hong Kong Primary Mathematics Challenge (Semi-Finals)
14.03.2017Science Promotion: Ying Wa Primary School
13.03.2017Hong Kong Youth Science and Technology Invention Competition 16-17
13.03.2017Science Alive - School Tour Show
12.03.2017VR / AR @ MFS Round II
10.03.2017Outstanding Junior Athlete Awards
08.03.2017Hong Kong School Drama Festival
08.03.2017F1 Information Day
07.03.2017The Top Ten Most Important News Election
01.03.2017RTHK interviewed our Science Research
01.03.2017Hang Lung Mathematics Awards 2016
27.02.2017Prefect Training Camp
27.02.2017Form 2 Growth Camp
26.02.2017Alumni Gathering
24.02.2017Visit by the President of Tung Wah College
24.02.2017Sharing by Alumnus Tam Man Kei with Students
23.02.2017RTHK Interviewed Our Career Guidance and Life Planning Teacher
23.02.2017Outings to explore future careers
23.02.2017Gallery Spark Chinese Writing Exhibition
23.02.2017Chinese New Year Activities
22.02.2017Careers Assistants Badge Presentation
22.02.2017Applied Learning Scholarship
22.02.2017Alumni Sharing with F.5 Students
22.02.2017A Wide Range of Life Planning Events for F.6 Students
14.02.2017瑪利諾師生設計 趣味化學元素卡
14.02.2017Cards of Elements 『元』來如此
08.02.20172017 Ma Chong “New Year” Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Wushu Championship
03.02.2017Donations from Mr. Ho Yui Kwong Kenny and Mr. Wu Koon Fai
19.01.2017A Study on Learning Styles of F.1 Students
19.01.2017Visiting the elderly in Sham Shui Po
19.01.2017Science Promotion: S.K.H. Kei Fook Primary School
02.01.2017The 16th Oscar Tam Alumni Cup
02.01.2017“ Zhǎng Mài Cup” Dongguan 3rd Wushu Culture Festival and Open Championships
18.12.2016STEM Education Conference
18.12.2016STEM Education Conference-cum-carnival
06.12.2016VR/VR @ MFS
23.11.2016Halloween Activities
23.11.2016Smart Teen Challenge Camp
15.11.2016HKPTU English Debating Competition
15.11.2016Interschool Swimming Competition
10.11.2016Science Promotion: Maryknoll Fathers' School (Primary Section)
08.11.2016Visit to Mai Po (F.4X)
07.11.2016English Song Appreciation
02.11.2016English Book Sharing
31.10.2016Visit to InnoCarnival
28.10.2016Inauguration Ceremony
28.10.2016Club Promotion Day
25.10.2016The Outstanding Scout Group
24.10.2016Annual General Meeting of Student Union
24.10.2016Kick-off Ceremony for the Chinese Reading Mentorship Scheme
24.10.2016Union Election
19.10.2016中一資訊日 F.1 Information Day
19.10.2016Prefect Training Day
17.10.2016The 6th World Junior Wushu Championship
13.10.2016Science Promotion: Bishop Paschang Catholic School
12.10.2016Visit to Sikh Temple
12.10.2016Cultural and Educational Exchange between Italy and Hong Kong
24.09.2016Address at the 59th anniversary Dinner By Fr. M Sloboda
24.09.2016Opening Mass (Sacred Heart) by Fr. M Sloboda