Maryknoll Father's School
60th Anniversary
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01.03.2011MFS Air cannon in PC Market
01.12.2010Science Education in MFS
20.08.2010News about MFS @ CASTIC 2010
10.07.2010Receiving Interview with Commercial Radio 1
23.06.2010Students in TVB program
23.05.2010Receiving Interview with Commercial Radio 1
17.02.2010Students in TVB program
10.11.2009IT Team receiving interview with HKBN
11.10.2008Interview with RTHK Radio PTH
30.09.2008Magic Mop by F4 students
23.05.2008Students in NowTV news channel, News Magazine
22.05.2008News about MFS @ Intel ISEF 2008
18.04.2008News about MFS @ National Denmark Science Contest
17.04.2008Student inventors supported by CityU unlock key
11.04.2008Anti-Bump Lock - Achievement in Demark
28.11.2007Anit-Bump Lock in TaiKungPao(II)
27.11.2007Anti-Bump Lock in TaiKungPao(I)
20.11.2007MFS in WenWeiPo
09.11.2007MFS in scientific magazine
18.10.2007Students in TVB program (II)
16.10.2007MFS in Singpao
11.10.2007Anti-Bump Lock in eZone
11.10.2007”Relationship between plant and beverage” in TaKungPao
05.10.2007Students in ATV program
24.09.2007Students in TVB program
16.09.2007Anti-Bump Lock to appear on ATV
11.09.2007Innovative students of MFS to appear on TVB
04.05.2007Interview of Anti-Bump Lock at ATV
22.09.2005MFS Judo Team receiving interview with TVB
19.09.2005Sound Walker receiving interview with TVB
24.08.2005Receiving Interview with RTHK Radio 2
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