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Science Alive: Green Energy Workshop - Solar cells and biofuels

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Internal 2017 - 2018

11/2017F.5 Inter-class Mini-Debates

Contest 1
Motion: Bike-sharing business is sustainable in Hong Kong
Government side:
Opposition side: F.5C
Winner: F.5D
The Best Speaker: Lee CheukYiu (F.5D)
Contest 2
Motion: Hong Kong needs a universal pension system as retirement protection
Government side:
Opposition side: F.5B
Winner: F.5A
The Best Speaker: LuiKa Tin (F.5B)

11/2017The result of Classroom Bulletin Board Decoration Competition of first term

The champion of form 1 is 1C
The champion of form 2 is 2A
The champion of form 3 is 3C
The champion of form 4 is 4A
The champion of form 5 is 5C
The champion of form 6 is 6B,
The Overall champion is 1C