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22.07.2020Outstanding Students in HKDSE 2020
11.07.2019Outstanding 2019 HKDSE results
11.07.2018Students with outstanding results in HKDSE 2018
12.07.2017Students with outstanding results in HKDSE 2017
13.07.2016Outstanding Students in HKDSE 2016
15.07.2015Outstanding results in HKDSE 2015
14.07.2014Outstanding results in HKDSE 2014
15.07.2013Outstanding results in HKDSE 2013
01.03.2013Outstanding results in HKDSE Other Languages (Japanese) 2013
20.07.2012Outstanding results in HKDSE 2012
29.06.2012Outstanding results in HKAL2012
04.08.2010Outstanding results in HKCEE 2010
05.08.2009Outstanding results in HKCEE 2009
08.08.20079A in HKCEE 2007
09.08.20069A1B in HKCEE
08.08.20012001 HKCEE Result 會考成績 (one 9A, two 8As)
22.08.2000HKCEE Result (August, 2000) 會考成績

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