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2015 Putonghua Speech Competition for Primary and Secondary Schools

Science Alive: Green Energy Workshop - Solar cells and biofuels

Cyberteen Frontier Day 2014

Snapshots on Mobile APPs Course

CityU-CS Robocode Contest

Face to Face: Nobel Laureate Professor Roger Kornberg

31.07Watermelon Cup 2015
27.07Result of Alumni Manager Election
27.07Expo-Sciences International 2015
21.07F2 Bubble Football and Archery Fun Day
21.07Primary-secondary Liaison Programme (English)
17.07Alumni Manager Election Volunteers
15.07Outstanding results in HKDSE 2015
10.07Alumni Manager Election
06.07WuHan Study Tour, 28 June -2 July 2015
06.07Visit to Jao Tsung-I Academy (Post-exam Activity of Chinese and Chinese History Department)
06.07The 8th University Chinese Literary Award
02.07Snapshots of Environmental Protection and Tree Preservation Workshop
17.06Basketball Team Prize Presentation
17.06Hong Kong Secondary Schools Debating Competition
17.06ACEA Hong Kong Primary and Secondary School English Writing Competition
24.07F. 4 Elective Subjects Allocation - Appeal Procedure
24.07Class Lists for Form One Students (2015-2016)
24.07Form 4 Elective Subjects Allocation Results (2015-2016)
18.07Students shortlisted for interview of Science Research Class
17.07Applicants shortlisted for F. 2-4 Entrance Test
16.07Peer Counsellors’ Scheme 2015-2016
14.07Mathematics Linking Exercise 2015
10.07Notice to Parents and Students for the New School Year, 2015-2016
10.07Student Guidelines on Appearance and Punctuality
10.07Sale of School Uniform
10.07Standard Tests and Summer Assignments, F.1-3
10.07Summer Assignments, F. 4-5
10.07Used Textbook Sale 2015, Student Union
10.07Textbook List 2015-2016
10.07Supplementary Lessons for Forms 4 & 5 (Summer 2015)