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Gears Workshop - Nano Lego Building Competition

Classroom Bulletin Board Decoration Competition

Hong Kong IoT Centre of Excellence

International Children’s Science and Maths Festival

2012 Hong Kong Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service

Hong Kong Inter-School IT Quiz 2011

22.07Outstanding Graduates (IEd)
22.07Capture Science Video Competition 2014
22.07National Higher Education Science Camp 2014
18.07Dancing in the Sun 2014 “Cultivation Journey”
14.07Outstanding results in HKDSE 2014
12.07Cyberteen Frontier Day 2014
12.07Best Junior Police Call School Club (Secondary School)
10.07Drama Appreciation
10.07Campus TV Karaoke Contest 2013-2014
09.07Yes! School Tour
09.07CCDC Modern Dance Workshop
07.07F.1 Challenge Camp
07.07Primary-Secondary Liaison Programme
16.06Visiting Mr Yip Hon Man in Taiwan
25.07Induction Programme of the Scout Section
19.07Applicants shortlisted for F. 2-4 Entrance Test
16.07Pre-S1 Internal English Test 2014
10.07Notice to Parents and Students for the New School Year, 2014-2015
10.07Student Guidelines on Appearance and Punctuality
10.07Sale of School Uniform
10.07Standard Tests and Summer Assignments, F.1-3
10.07Summer Assignments, F. 4-5
10.07Textbook List 2014-2015
10.07Used Textbook Sale 2014, Student Union
10.07Refund of lunch boxes
10.07Summer Assignments Checking (F.1 to F.3)