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MFSers meeting Science Educator from USA

Science Alive: Green Energy Workshop - Solar cells and biofuels

Science Alive: Polymorph and slime & Iodine clock experiment

Club Promotion Day 2014

Science Promotion: Celebrity Student Talk Series IV - Sci-Tech Stars

Snapshots on F1 Information Day

27.05Address at Secondary Graduation By Fr. M Sloboda
23.05Learning Celebration for the Chinese Reading Mentorship Scheme
23.05 Inter-House Quiz Competition
15.05The 8th Joint-School Alumni Invitational Basketball Competition
09.05Prefect Team Hiking Activity
06.05Collaborative Learning Programme on Debating
29.04Healthy Information Student Ambassador
18.04Singularity x LKSF Techcracker Exponential Learning Program
18.04F.4 Mui Wo River Fieldwork
18.04English input typing competition
14.04MFS Creative Writing Competition
14.04Sham Shui Po School Arts Marathon
10.04World Telecommunication and Information Society Day – Hong Kong 2016
05.04Mr. Kevin Yeung Yun Hung, Under Secretary for Education, visited Maryknoll Fathers’ School
04.04Science Alive 2016
20.05Graduation Ceremony and Final Examination
20.05Final Examination Coverage, 2015-2016
20.05Final Examination, 2015-2016
20.05Visit to the June 4th Museum (F.4 & F.5)
17.05Summer Activities
17.05Parent Teacher Association : Summer Activities
13.052015 – 2016 Form 3 Pre-Exam. Revision Tutorials
10.05Suspension of school on 10 May 2016
05.05Parent Teacher Association: Tea Gathering, 21 May 2016
22.04Form 3 Final Examinations of English and Chinese
22.04Parent Teacher Association: Parents-Also-Appreciate-Teachers Drive, 10 May 2016
20.04Visit to the Hong Kong Maritime Museum (F.1)
15.04Articles for Parent Teacher Association Newsletter 2016
06.04Visit to Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change, CUHK
01.04Geography Fieldtrip – Shek O