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Union Election

Cyber Security Challenge 2016

Guilin Study Tour

Student Education Fair on Science, Technology & Mathematics 2016

Visit to InnoCarnival 2015

Snapshots of Environmental Protection and Tree Preservation Workshop

Career talk by distinguished alumni

Vibrating Robot Relay Race

19.01A Study on Learning Styles of F.1 Students
19.01Visiting the elderly in Sham Shui Po
19.01Science Promotion: S.K.H. Kei Fook Primary School
05.0160th Anniversary: Invitation to Sponsorship / Ordering School Magazine
02.01The 16th Oscar Tam Alumni Cup
02.01“ Zhǎng Mài Cup” Dongguan 3rd Wushu Culture Festival and Open Championships
18.12STEM Education Conference
18.12STEM Education Conference-cum-carnival
06.12VR/VR @ MFS
06.12Slogan Writing and Logo Design Competition
23.11Halloween Activities
23.11Smart Teen Challenge Camp
15.11HKPTU English Debating Competition
15.11Interschool Swimming Competition
13.1140th Year Reunion Celebration ( 71 - 76 - 78)
25.10A visit by M15
31.10Reunion of M23
10.11Science Promotion: Maryknoll Fathers' School (Primary Section)
08.11Visit to Mai Po (F.4X)
07.11English Song Appreciation
20.01Athletic Meet - Points to Note
20.01Study Tour to Shenzhen (F.3)
20.01Inter-Schools Athletic Competition
18.01Parents' Day - Notice of Interview
16.01Short Cultural Arts Program 2016-17
13.01The 60th Annual Athletic Meet, 2016-2017
13.01Visit to “Ping Shan Heritage Trail”
10.01Parents' Day, 22 January 2017
06.01Special Arrangements for F. 6 Students after the Final Examination
04.01Arts Experiences Programme for Senior Secondary Students
03.01Form 6 Final Examination, 2016-2017
03.01Appointment of New Supervisor
03.01Message from the New Supervisor
03.0160th Anniversary: Invitation to Sponsorship/Ordering School Magazine
15.12Mock Examination Practices for F.6
15.12Practice of House Cheering and Marching Team (F.1)
15.12Kazakhstan Teaching Delegation Visit – Student Ambassadors
13.12 Visit to SENT Landfill (F.5X3 Geog)
09.12F.6 TOEIC Test
07.12Parent Teacher Association: Visiting the elderly in Sham Shui Po