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Inter-House Quiz Competition

Vibrating Robot Relay Race

School Picnic 2014

Inter-House Football Competition

Inter-House Table Tennis Competition

Joint School Salt Water Fuel Cell Car Race

26.09Speech by Fr. M Sloboda at the Anniversary Dinner
25.09Form 1 Growth Camp
23.09Homily for Mass of the Sacred Heart
23.092015 Hong Kong Open Wushu (Competition and Traditional) Championships
23.09Beijing, Hong Kong and Macau Student Exchange Summer Camp 2015
22.09The 5th China Sichuan Emei International Wushu Festival Competition
22.09The 8th Asian Junior Wushu Championships
06.09中一資訊日 F.1 Information Day
01.09Workshop and job experience on plastic resources recycling
27.08Visits by science educators
14.08HK Global Geopark Exchange Program
14.08Youth Geo-conservation Ambassador Competition
31.07Watermelon Cup 2015
27.07Result of Alumni Manager Election
27.07Expo-Sciences International 2015
07.10Visit to Hong Kong Science Museum (F.5X3 Physics)
06.10Form One Parents’ Meeting, 17 October 2015
06.10The 18th Annual General Meeting of PTA, 17 October 2015
18.09Form 6 Parents' Meeting, 3 October 2015
15.09Peer Counselling Scheme 2015-2016
10.09Subscription of The Student Standard / South China Morning Post
10.09Purchase of Chinese Supplementary Exercise Book
10.09Form 1 Growth Camp
07.092015/16Arts Experiences Scheme for Senior Secondary Students, by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (F.4)
07.09Standard Tests (F.2 to F.4)
29.08Lunch box order form of September 2015
15.08Distribution of Textbooks on 15 August 2015
07.08Timetable for the Proficiency Test 2015 (Supplementary)
24.07F. 4 Elective Subjects Allocation - Appeal Procedure
24.07Class Lists for Form One Students (2015-2016)