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Mind Drive Competition

CityU-CS Robocode Contest

A celebration for Fr. Geitner 60 Years of Priesthood

Slope Safety and Underground Space Activities

Joint School Salt Water Fuel Cell Car Race

Hong Kong Youth Science and Technology Innovation Contest 12-13

25.11Snapshots on F1 Information Day
25.11Visit to InnoCarnival 2014
23.11Football Reunion (Class 1975)
19.11Computer Department of PolyU
歷數百實驗 發現澱粉新測試法
17.11Science Promotion: Lingnan University Alumni Association Primary School
15.11International Children’s Science and Maths Festival
13.11Vibrating Robot Relay Race
06.112014 Athletic Meet
04.11Maryknoll Secondary School 4x100m Invitation Relay
28.10 Tung Cheng Yuen’s Civic Education Slogan Competition
22.10Barbecue Gathering organised by Student Union
22.10Inauguration Ceremony 2014
22.10Student Union AGM
22.10Club Promotion Day 2014
20.11Half-Yearly Examination Coverage, 2014-2015
20.11P.A.T.H.S. to Adulthood 2014-2015
14.11Half-Yearly Examination, 2014-2015
14.11Form 1 Information Day – Student Ambassador
13.11Parent’s notice to Mainland Exchange Programme for F.3 Students
11.11F.2 Growth Group Scheme 2014-2015
06.11Debate It Scheme 2014-2015
06.11Visit to Hong Kong Science Museum (F.1D)
06.11Leadership Training Activity
05.11Parent Teacher Association: Parents' Tea Gathering on 15 November 2014
05.11Parent Teacher Association: Registration and membership fee
04.11PolyU Campus Visit (ICT 5X)
31.10Community Snapshots (F.4C)
31.10Visit to the InnoCarnival 2014
30.10Visit to Sheung Wan Route of "Central and Western Heritage Trail" (F.5A)