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Joint School Music Competition 2013

World Telecommunication and Information Society Day – Hong Kong 2012

Famine Lunch

I.T. Team visit to Hua Fu Middle School

Hong Kong Inter-School IT Quiz 2011

The Outstanding Scout Group

16.04Gears Workshop - Nano Lego Building Competition
15.04ECA Sports Collaboration (Football)
15.04Mind Drive Competition
10.04Science Promotion: Alliance Primary School (Tai Hang Tung)
09.04English Ambassador Badge Presentation Ceremony
08.04女 生 製 天 然 膠 布   再 戰 英 特 爾
02.04Mathematics Collaborative Activity
01.04Vancouver alumni presented a donation to our school
01.04Collaborative Learning Programme on Debating
30.03Hong Kong Youth Science and Technology Innovation Contest 13-14
25.03F1&F2 MFS Show ‘n’ Tell Competition 2014
24.03Singing Contest (Junior)
20.03Healthy Information Student Ambassador
14.03Sky Pop Singing Contest
14.03Singing Contest (Senior)
16.04“Dialogue in the Dark” Experiential Tour
10.04Visit to the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (F.3)
10.04Prefect Team Training Activity
09.04F.1 P.A.T.H.S. to Adulthood 2013-2014
09.04F.2 Growth Group Scheme 2013-2014
08.04Visit to St. Andrew’s Church (F.1B)
07.04Articles for Parent Teacher Association Newsletter 2014
04.04Purchase of Geography Exercise Book (F.4 & F.5)
02.04“Healthy-life Student Ambassador” Scheme – Day Camp Training (F.1 & F.2)
01.04Parent Teacher Association: Election of Parent Manager for the IMC
28.03Summer Uniform
28.03Visit to Hong Kong Science Museum (F.1C)