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The Most Respected Teachers 2013-2014

Inter-House Basketball Competition

Singing Contest (HKYPA) 2012-2013

Science Activity: Walking on water [輕功水上飄]

Rhapsody - Environmental Friendly Fashion Design Competition

World Telecommunication and Information Society Day – Hong Kong 2011

24.09Homily for Mass of the Sacred Heart
21.09中一資訊日 F.1 Information Day
16.09China Adolescents Science and Technology Invention Contest 2014
14.08Prayer Service for Kenny Lun
12.08Requiem Mass for Kenny Lun
09.08Prayer Services
09.08Condolence message for the loss of an alumnus
30.09Emotional support service for students on 1 & 2 October 2014
30.09The 58th Annual Athletic Meet, 2014-2015
29.09Supportive measures for students on 29-30 September 2014
26.09Purchase of Career Planning Handbook "Career Mapping" (F.4)
25.09Parent Teacher Association: Nomination for the Election of the 17th Executive Committee
25.09Purchase of Career Planning Handbook "Finding Your Colours of Life" (F.3)
24.09Guidelines to Catholic schools from the Catholic Education Office, the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong, regarding possible political activities, civil disobedience or class boycotts (8 September 2014)
23.09Field Trip to Kwun Tong (F.5)
19.09Form 6 Parents’ Meeting, 4 October 2014
19.092014/15 Arts Experiences Scheme for Senior Secondary Students, by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (F.4)
18.09Peer Counselling Scheme 2014-2015
16.09Suspension of whole-day schools on 16 September 2014
12.09Practice of House Cheering and Marching Team
12.09Purchase of BAFS School Monthly Journal
12.09Visit to Cathay Pacific City